Majjane,Agence Experte en Conseil Digitale et Développement Web Mobile à Rabat au Maroc.


By putting emotion first, we break new ground with our customers.

We are an extention of client's team ! We can educate, We can strategize, We can even design, provide development assistance, and help them to optimize their visibility.

Driven by serious passion for what we do, we offer you full service to help you understand the guidelines for your projects and we orient your choices toward success.

At, we help you to : 

  • identify internal and external environment.
  • achieve a competitive benchmark.
  • identify the business case, objectives and targets.
  • the choice of technical solution.
  • promotional offers and advertising messages.
  • Marketing  digital strategies.

Well, what are you waiting for ? Our team are listening to you !


Benefit from the expertise of over 12 years in web development!

Usability, Visualization and Functionality present the three keys of our strategy , we deploy our expertise to offer you a wide range of  solutions that fit your budget : corporate, e-commerce sites, or customized packages, CMS (Drupal, Wordpress, Prestashop, etc.)

You need a responsive website design, a quality service and modalities , MAJJANE  can help you.



Knocking at our door, you ensure - guaranteed - flawless web experience to your customers. ensures an HTML integration that complies with accessibility standards, SEO and ergonomics to keep your clients satisfied.


Mobile Application: the key success to your multi-screen strategy

Majjane's team helps you to brand the best engage users with your application, through a focus digital strategy to reach and keep contact with your clients !

Our team extends into highly figital tools , IOS app, Android, Mobile web app, analytics and marketing for mobile , you pick! 

We are ready to shape your projects  to fit them onto the small screen ! Join Majjane's team and enjoy the experience. 



Quality control is a process at!

We follow an organized quality approach, from the kickoff of your project all the way till delivery.

To involve you into the process, we have developed a platform that allows you to track your project in real time.

Third Party Maintenance

No need to look elsewhere; your platform is in safe hands

We optimize and maintain the good quality of your platform: Fix security flaws; Update your site engine, etc.

We also provide you with the necessary tools and advice to help you monitor the status of all operations entrusted to us and give you access to detailed reporting.


Enhance your brand and interact with customers more!

Majjane’s Social media marketing services allow you to build a strong strategy to reach your clients, promote products/services and brand the image marque among social media network.

Our team develops a smart strategy to drive conversions based on user-experience communication and buzz-worthy viral content !

Step-by-step, We help you to increase the traffic and spread the word quickly !


Because a picture is worth a thousand words… helps you to create your visuel identity with the best creative vision ever !  

Graphic model, Logotype, Graphic chart, Forms and User Interfaces, , the digital leader offers you a full package and add the spacial artistic touch of our designers .  

At, we put life into your projects by adding the artistic touch of our designers. 



We believe in our art ! so capturing your client's attention would be easy with our animations ! 

Give your brand a boost ! make your platforms more interactive and vived ! 

Join and live your experience with our team .


Global, sustainable and efficient projects’ approach! 

More than a simple website agency , the leader of webmarketing in Morocco with an international expertise, helps you position your website on the most strategic results of search engines and to put you on the lead.

Majjane helps you to Increase the quality and quantity of your trafic with the best strategies ever, englobing the whole process such as search engine Optimization, analysis of digital strategy , audit of website (symante , technically) and take charge of your reputation .

Don't hesitate and Boost your reference strategy with, The leader of digital agencies in Morocco!


E-MAILING offers e-mailing solutions, at the cutting edge of technologies.

Both in substance and in form, our web-designers and developers optimize your email campaigns. The advantage: speed, interactivity, attractiveness and measurable campaigns.