Majjane,Agence Experte en Conseil Digitale et Développement Web Mobile à Rabat au Maroc.

The marketing that generates more business for your business, for less!


Do you  need a quality service without spending big sums of money to attract your customer, join Majjane and descover how real magic is done! 

To help you, Majjane offered different tools to target for you the right customer, at the right time, with the good message; and guess what ! the whole is at a lower cost!

Communicate Smart, communicate! And reserve your square  among the best!

our solutions



Your client is becoming more informed and harder to read, More connected, he searches information, compares services, then purchases.   
You are looking to please him !  Then you will need Majjane undoubtedly! The international digital agency!

Our expertise helps you to be stronger than ever and  transforms your ambitions into reality!

The solution is a new e-commerce site! an institutional website!  an innovative mobile application!  an e-marketing strategy! e-reputation !  community management!  

Majjane makes sure of : 

  • The engaging user-experience, personalization and coherency.
  • the Proper integration of solutions to stand you for another  level of your brand.

Website and Mobile application

You are a company, you want to mark the spirits of your customers and\or prospects? Majjane offer you the most smart solutions to brand your business .

Speed solution , interactivity, attractiveness and especially an excellent quality .

Majjane, a variety of Specialists have one goal, is developping your projects with open-source solutions (Drupal, Magento, WordPress, Android, IOS), exciting experiences with satisfied customers .

Creator of high value quality websites, Majjane mobilizes the most talented experts to developp your project. Webdesign, ergonomics, integration, search engine optimization... 

We are getting ready  to take you for a better level. 



Mobile applications & Websites’ templates, Brochures, Flyers, print, Advertising posters, business cards, etc.

From graphic design to web design and visual identities, our graphic studio covers all the essential designs to your communication’s success.


Community Management

 We help you increase brand awareness and communicate through effective social media marketing

Viral Marketing 

Tell stories and evoke emotions through our creations. Your clients will love it and they will share it with their friends

Social Ads

We help you refine your targeted audience and create customized messages for them; to build long lasting relationships