Beyond creating a simple website, Majjane.ma offers a digital product that lives beyond your expectations: we craft great designs and use some of the edgiest technologies to bring your projects to life.

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Mobile applications

Our apps are a blend of Art & Innovation: We develop aesthetic and reliable applications on Ios, Andoid, Windows Phone and Black Berry to fit your big projects onto a small screen. 

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Web Marketing

Putting our knowledge into use, we create stories and solve problems to turn your ideas into reality, bringing you closer with your client!

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14 years of existence

A journey of excellence


At Majjane.ma, the place where talent meets effort, we have acquired the expertise of over a decade of hundreds of projects brought to life, thanks to the skills and dedication of our multicultural teams, enabling us to master all the tricks & techniques the business requires.
Since 2003 and because we believe in you, we’ve been putting our knowledge into one use: help you push all those ideas and concepts forward to surprise your clients, competitors, perhaps even the world.
Today, we owe our success to all of our customers, partners, our employees and managers; who made these 14 years of existence, a true journey of excellence.

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